Experience a GREENER WORLD and a better facility with indoor turf, a line from Synthetic Turf International that can range from gym flooring to weight lift areas.
▪ Agility Training

▪ Mixed Martial Arts
▪ Circut Training
▪ Ladder Runs
▪ Combative Training
▪ CrossFit Boxes

Indoor Turf Applications
Synthetic Turf International is improving the athletic industry with innovative synthetic turf solutions ranging from gym flooring to weight lifting areas to agility training centers in order to help athletes achieve maximum performance. STI’s indoor athletic areas replicate the look and feel of being on natural grass for added resistance, motivating and pushing athletes and amateur fitness enthusiasts alike to the next level of performance so that all
those hours sweating in silence can pay off. Through our innovation, the fitness and training industry has seen a shift in recent years. Indoor turf from Synthetic Turf International is used in athletic training facilities, indoor soccer, and sports facilities and Cross-Fit facilities across North America. From indoor athletic fields to batting cages and everything in between, Synthetic Turf International has a solution that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

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