There are many reasons why someone might choose to replace their existing lawn or landscaping with STI synthetic turf. Some popular reason we’ve found that people have chosen Synthetic Turf International turf over competitors are as follows:

• Proudly Made in America
• Premium Quality
• Lush Natural Look
• Soft Plush Feel
• Environmentally Friendly
• Weather Resistant
• Ideal for Pets and Children
• Perfect for Small and Large Areas
• Water & Tax Rebates Available in Some Areas

How does synthetic turf affect the environment?

Synthetic Turf reduces the need for harmful pesticides and chemicals that are used in natural lawns. It also reduces carbon emissions produced by lawnmowers and other gas-powered lawn equipment. On average, synthetic turf reduces the amount of water used for a single household by 70 percent, saving precious resources and money.

What kind of maintenance is required for synthetic turf?
The maintenance required for synthetic turf is minimal. Keeping the surface free of debris makes sure that your synthetic turf keeps its pristine, aesthetically pleasing looks. This can be maintained by simply using a rake or a leaf

How will synthetic turf affect my children and pets?
Children and pets all enjoy the benefits of synthetic turf. Not only is it a soft and comfortable surface for play, but it keeps them from getting into the dirt and grime associated with natural grass. It also reduces the allergies that prevent kids from being able to play outside. It is a safe alternative to natural grass that is perfect for playgrounds and play areas from your backyard to your public park.


Why should you choose synthetic turf over natural grass?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Synthetic turf is environmentally friendly, and it even saves you money. You no longer need to worry about time-consuming chores associated with natural grass. It looks and feels great just like natural grass, but it stays
beautiful and enjoyable all year. Synthetic turf also saves our most precious natural resource, water. So why wouldn’t you choose synthetic turf?

Where and how do I get synthetic turf?
STI has authorized distributors throughout the world that can help you decide which product is perfect for you. Just call (800)405-7455 or visit us on the web at

This post was originally published here by Synthetic Turf International.